Close’s Mission provides artificial intelligence (AI) powered deep learning optimization for intelligent process automation to improve the way people design, build, automate, manufacture, and improve our environment in ways that shape the world for a brighter and cleaner future.  Our world class machine learning scientists, software engineers, and deep subject matter experts work in unison to ensure customer success by leveraging our revolutionary deep learning optimization AI software with our battle tested approach.


A Brief History is an Industrial AI focused spin-off from Petuum that pushes the frontier of possibilities beyond today’s process optimization and automation technology with our deep learning optimization software. We have enabled multiple AI in operations customer successes and picked up a few industry awards along the way.

By building on top of our company’s success of assembling top AI talent, software engineers, and industry veterans combined with our advanced deep learning optimization and Industrial AI platform we have a winning formula that help create a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement and increased success for our customers, investors, and partners.

Our Leadership Team

Meet our founders and the team members who are responsible for keeping our company running successfully — and helping yours to thrive. 

Rob Christenson

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
  • Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
  • VP of Sales and Business Development – Petuum Inc.
  • SVP of Enterprise Sales – PROS


Sean Chen

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder
  • Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder
  • Head of Operations and Head of Engineering – Petuum Inc.