Why Industries Need

Industrial enterprises are on a constant quest to increase yield, improve quality and lower costs while meeting sustainability goals. With increasing digitization, more and more data is now available across all industrial sectors, but the sheer volume and variety of sensor data make it hard to harness in a practical way. Leveraging the patterns in this data is challenging — unless you have an array of AI techniques at your disposal. Industrial AI to the Rescue! has experience helping diverse industries optimize their operations and processes with industry-specific AI solutions that:

Absorb a variety of data types — time series data, unstructured log data, images, structured data and more — to learn and deliver precise forecasts of hundreds of parameters.

Prescribe corrective actions to optimize multiple parameters such as throughput, quality, safety and cost.

Automatically anticipate changes in variables based on operator actions and adjust operating conditions for the best metrics. integrates with existing plant and corporate data infrastructures, such as OSIsoft PI systems and control systems, to directly deliver timely parameter changes, so that completely automated, yet supervised, operations become a reality.