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AI Solutions for Metals Asset and Process Optimization software helps cement manufacturers gain consistent and repeatable results, increase yield and quality, and reduce emissions.

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Steelmaking and Metallurgy Challenges

In this highly competitive industry, operators are seriously challenged to reduce production costs while maintaining quality. There is a lot of data in metals manufacturing, but with that data comes a lot of variability. This variability makes it difficult for metals manufacturers to reach the highest optima for their products. Operators may choose to remain in their safe zone because they are not able to digest all the variables at once.

Metals industry automation through AI helps manufacturers achieve metal asset process optimization by providing them with the ability to manage raw material variability, while mining their data quickly and thoroughly for useful analytics. Helps Metals Manufacturers

Built by world-class AI experts, software transforms the end-to-end metals production process by amplifying operator skills with artificial intelligence. By leveraging, metal manufacturers can continue to meet demand without sacrificing product quality.

Utilizing predictive analytics and integrated machine learning, helps manufacturers achieve metal plant automation.

How does our software produce such results? Optimum:

  • Streams forecasts of process parameter values in real time
  • Prescribes immediate actions for maximization of yield at minimal costs and high quality
  • Feeds recommendations directly into operational control systems for a supervised-steer (autonomous) operation
  • Optimizes the end-to-end manufacturing process (blast furnaces, pot rooms, casthouse smelting, hall-héroult and acid wash)
  • Results in an increased yield of 2% and a reduction of energy costs by up to 5%

Benefits of Optimum and machine learning software products help metals manufacturers:

  • Enhance decision-making and human-based processes to gain consistent, repeatable and predictable results
  • Increase yield while improving product quality and consistency
  • Increase energy savings and recovery, optimize alternate fuels and reduce emissions to reach sustainability goals
  • Lower costs by increasing asset utilization and efficiency

Industrial AI helped us achieve something we didn’t think was possible at this time … yield improvements and energy savings up to 7% …

— Rodrigo Quintero, Operations Digital Technologies Manager, CEMEX