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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Oil & Gas

Commodity cycles, capital planning challenges, and increasing operational risks in the oil and gas industry are all factors that make it more important than ever to make smarter and more efficient decisions.

Demand is high in the oil and gas sector, but the market is very competitive. Oil and gas production automation and digital transformation are major drivers in helping operators improve uptime, decrease costs, reduce their overall breakeven points and make final investment decisions (FIDs) viable at even lower oil prices.

To stay ahead of the competition, owners need to consider how they can leverage AI through every step of the planning and production processes. helps oil and gas companies improve operational efficiency and make the right decisions by enabling them to accurately forecast their demand and produce higher-quality products while reducing costs.

Downstream, Mid-Stream and Upstream Oil & Gas AI’s software products and extensive experience in this industry mean that we can deliver the AI/ML solutions necessary for the digital transformation and automation of the oil and gas industry. Our AI solution integrates data from the company’s systems, operations and sensors, providing our machine learning models with the inputs needed to generate accurate predictions. This leads to improvements in production, safety and reliability.

With Optimum, enterprises in the oil and gas industry can:

  • Optimize upstream production operations
  • Enhance product quality through better data
  • Mitigate and manage downside risks
  • Create accurate exploration and production models
  • Calculate the value of oil field equipment
  • Optimize pipeline and drilling scheduling
  • Increase reliability as machine learning improves
  • Adjust operations quickly as conditions change

Oil & Gas Machine Learning Use Cases

AI gives oil and gas companies a competitive advantage. helps operators use voluminous data to make smarter, faster decisions and develop better strategies. Here are some potential use cases:

  • Pinpoint inspection locations throughout the production process
  • Identify corrosion risks and areas of production process degradation
  • Analyze data to find and ameliorate safety hazards at locations in the field
  • Forecast commodity prices for capital projects and marketing planning

Industrial AI helped us achieve something we didn’t think was possible at this time. We now expect our yield improvements and energy savings to be up to 7%, from the connected AI-based autopilots (, previously Petuum, Optimum), which is game-changing for our industry. Additionally, this is a giant step in digital transformation toward safe, highly standardized operations, which will help us strengthen our high-quality products portfolio while also ensuring we meet our operational and sustainability goals and minimize costs. 

On top of getting better heat recovery, we’re getting additional yield. The higher the production rate across each site, the higher the benefits. Once you factor in this, the numbers multiply very fast and this will be a big path for CEMEX

— Rodrigo Quintero, Operations Digital Technologies Manager, CEMEX