Image Defect Detection Improves Product Quality and Yields

Ready to See AI in Action?

Request a Demo Improves Product Quality’s Quality Assurance through Image Defect Detection is state-of-the-art.’s offering utilizes computer vision AI technology to detect, analyze, classify and recommend actions that can be fed back into the process to generate better quality assurance, greater operational stability, and overall operational improvement and quality yields.’ s image detection product goes beyond what is possible to achieve through current technology and human expertise. Our software uses advanced computer vision methods — including image classification, object detection, image segmentation and object tracking — to capture inconspicuous defect nuances that are undetectable by the human eye, and at speeds only a machine can handle. Visual Inspection Is Up to the Challenge

The challenge: To detect defects on a steel slab surface. Without AI, this process has a typical detection accuracy rate of 60% – 70% at high operating speed.

The results: detected and classified 32 minor defects (95% accuracy) and 18 major defects (98% accuracy) faster and more accurately.

Defect Detection Machine Learning

Our technology only gets better as time goes on.’s automated, machine learning visual inspection software continuously and adaptively re-trains and improves AI models by digesting, discovering and assimilating new imaging data from multiple sources.

The manufacturing defect detection accelerator allows manufacturers to:

Achieve operational excellence
Decrease functional downtime
Enhance safety
Reduce energy use and pollution