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Industrial AI for Asset and Process Prediction and Optimization

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Request a Demo AI-Pilot Helps You Reimagine Your Business AI-Pilot leverages time-series prediction and optimization machine learning techniques to enable complex manufacturing operations to achieve higher optima — higher yields, lower energy use, reduced emissions, safer and stabilized operations. is here to help you harness the power of your data while providing actionable insights into your operations.

Benefits of AI-Pilot Deep Learning Optimization AI-Pilot is running successfully in numerous plants — from cement to petrochemical manufacturers. Our software allows manufacturing enterprises to amplify an operator’s decision-making process with our ability to predict, prescribe and supervise-steer assets and processes.

Industry leaders who adopt our cutting-edge technology are realizing higher efficiencies and lower costs in smarter, safer factories — and are besting their competitors. How? AI-Pilot benefits its users with Industrial AI by helping them to:

Increase Productivity

Increase yield and energy savings up to 7% and exceed the capabilities of today’s automation systems by optimizing process variables in real time.

Improve product quality and production consistency by continuously self-learning and adjusting system dynamics and control mechanisms — even under changing operating conditions.

Enhance Process Stability

Improve safety and prevent accidents due to false assumptions or distractions with AI-Pilot’s prescriptions that adhere to our customers’ pre-determined safety constraints.

Increase responsiveness by rapidly detecting and remediating issues, as AI-Pilot provides timely response and active alerting to operators.

Lower Costs

Reduce product giveaway by preventing over- or under-production, by stopping materials from being wasted or written off as scrap, and by optimizing inventory.

Increase asset utilization by eliminating unplanned downtime through anomaly detection, smart alerts and continuous monitoring of all operational components.

Industrial AI for Process Manufacturing

Delivered as a cloud service or on-premise, AI-Pilot is a software-as-a-service that includes modules for industrial assets, processes and operational excellence initiatives, and is available in three different levels of service offerings:


Ingest historical and streaming data to train model. Provide real-time accurate forecasts to boost understanding.


Configure AI models for operating preferences and goals. Operators accept and validate setpoint prescriptions at their discretion.

Supervised Auto Steer

Integrate prescriptions directly into plant control systems. Allows closed-loop, supervised autonomous control of operations.