Catalytic Reactor Optimization

Chemical Catalyst Optimization for Manufacturers

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Helping Chemical Manufacturers Succeed

The chemical and petrochemical manufacturing processes are highly dynamic. Production managers are always looking for ways to boost yields, which involves increasing selectivity. However, depending on the process, selectivity and throughput can be highly correlated and these two sometimes opposing objectives need to be balanced optimally according to the business requirements.’s chemical manufacturing AI solution helps maximize throughput and selectivity of a catalyst reactor while using energy more efficiently. Accelerator Capabilities helps chemical and oil and gas manufacturers leverage AI to accurately predict reactor selectivity and to operate the manufacturing process optimally. The end result is more product, lower energy use and better utilization of the catalyst.

Chemical manufacturing optimization through’s Catalytic Reactor Accelerator can:

  • Predict selectivity using historical data
  • Prescribe optimal process values based on the process constraints
  • Supervise-steer the process values to operate the reactor optimally — without manual intervention