May 12, 2020
  Petuum is on the leading edge of making AI accessible to enterprises of all size and stripe. We aim to empower the users of our technology to solve the most difficult real-world problems.  We’ve recently posted a recording from our Digital Networking webinar series showcasing a series of technical demonstrations of AI technology that ... Leverage Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Workflows & Decision-Making
September 12, 2019
In an industry where unanticipated mechanical behavior or equipment failure can be fatal, safety is an ever-present concern and priority. With industrial AI solutions now operating in factories all over the world, we have to ensure that every process is performing exactly as it was designed.
June 21, 2019
The industrial vertical is changing, and more so now than in recent history, The World Economic Forum has long heralded that “Manufacturing has experienced a decade of productivity stagnation and demand fragmentation; innovation is long overdue.”